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Swedish Warmblood



Zafferano is a charming young stallion with a lovely dappled golden color. This palomino comes from a strong Swedish bloodline and his dam and grandam are both elite mares. In 2017 he was first palomino stallion approved for Swedish Warmblood in 45 years with the following review, "Well-proportioned, well-developed. Expressive head, well-placed, well-shaped, arched neck, slightly low withers, deep trunk, long sloping croup. Good legs. Relaxed, covering ground, rhythmical walk. Rhythmical, balanced trot, with slightly straight front legs but well set back legs." Zafferano was one of the highest assessed stallions of the 50-day tests throughout Germany in 2016 and was rewarded by 10 for his amazing temperament, 9 in rideability and 8 in track jumping.

Zafferano is a great option for breeders who are looking for top performing horses wiht amazing temperament and a beautiful appearance. He has a beautiful head, healthy neck and a beautiful body with the correct leg form that compliments his already stunning coat. Zafferano has three outstanding gaits with good hind leg movement, a powerful walk through the entire body, an elastic harness and well-presented gallop.

As a 6-year-old Zafferano won MSV B at 74,5 %. As a seven year old, Zafferano started his first Prix St. Georges with great marks. He qualified for the Swedish Championship and won the bronze medal. As an eight year old he won Intermediaire 1. He is now preparing for Grand Prix and is showing a great piaffe, passage and one tempis.

Zafferano's offspring have been successful at European horseshows and they inherit their father's excellent temperament. Several are champion foals in Europe. Foals from Zafferano's first crop are showing at young horse shows in Sweden and there has been positive, enthusiastic feedback from trainers regarding his offsprings rideability and willingness to work. 

Zafferano was one of the highest assessed stallions of the 50-day tests throughout Germany in 2016 and was rewarded by 10 for his amazing temperament, 9 in chivalry and 8 in track jumping. As a 6-year-old Zafferano has won MSV B at 74,5 % and has plans to start 7-year classes and Prix St Georges in 2020.

Bernstein blood fits well in Zafferano's pedigree and there are numerous offspring that have produced quality results in both jumping and dressage that are by Bernstein or one of his sons.

Grandam IKEA is A-awarded  and there are a large number of relatives with the merits of the MSV and some in showjumping and dressage.

The stallions in Zafferano's bloodline combine the successful modern European lines with the best Swedish blood. His sire Zaladin MI represents superior Dutch blood with stallions Blue Hors Zack and Jazz mixed with German and Danish blood. Zaladin MI won the performance test at age four, and in 2015 he was in the final of the 7-year-olds in Falsterbo. Zaladin shows substantial talent for collection and competed in the Grand Prix with Jan Brink. Zaladin MI's sire, Blue Hors Zack, is one of the best dressage horses in the world. He has competed at the World Equestrian Games, World Cup Finals and European Championships, not to mention, is a leading sire on the WBFSH breeding federation rankings.

Also on Zaladin's line there are a number of world famous stallions such as Solo's Lantinus, Landadel, and Argentinus who have produced top show jumping and dressage horses. 

Zafferano color testing:


He can produce palomino, buckskin, bay and chestnut offspring.
He doesn't produce black or sooty black.

Stallion Details

16.2 hands
Approved For
Swedish Warmblood, Oldenburg
In-Stock, Dressage, Dual Purpose
#3rd Place, 50-day Performance Test, 2016: Working spirit 9.5, walk 7.5, temperament 10.0, trot 8.5, gallop 8.0, overall impression 8.5, test riders 8.75

SWB Approval, 2017: 40.0 type, and 8.0 head, neck, trunk, limbs, walk and trot.

WFFS Status: tested non-carrier (N/N)

Zafferano : PEDIGREE

Zaladin MI Zack Rousseau
Labial MI Solos Landtinus
Sabrina Solhöj
Baby Doll 29800 Bernstein 761 Napoleon 625
Bristol Cream 13548
C'est Si Bonne 19127 Chagall 455
Ikeá 8630

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