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Superior Equine Sires

Mailing & Shipping Address:
623 E. 18th Ave.
Spokane, WA 99203

Contact Carol Austin:
CALL 509-838-9922
Morning calls preferred
Closed Sundays & holidays

fax: 509-838-7688


Frozen Semen Shipping Services

In North America and Worldwide

In order to schedule your shipment, we require two day's prior notice and receipt of your shipping and container contract.

Basic shipping is $350; standard overnight or priority overnight is $375. Saturday or First Overnight delivery is $50 additional.

Shipping is our only extra fee: there are no hidden handling fees. 

  • If you pick up your semen but use our tank, there is a $50 tank use fee. The tank must be returned within 24 hours.
  • If you prefer to charge shipping to your own FedEx account the tank must be sent and returned via Priority Overnight, unless otherwise agreed. There is a $50 tank use fee.
  • If you send your own tank to pick up your semen, there is a $35 chill-down fee if the tank arrives hot. If it is chilled down at arrival, it will be topped off at no charge for the return.
  • Free storage is provided through July 31st of the year the semen is purchased.
  • Semen not shipped by July 31st must be put into longterm storage.
  • Donated semen purchased at auction that is not shipped or put into longterm storage by July 31st will be returned to stock. No exceptions.
  • Semen left in storage without payment is subject to article 11. of our frozen semen storage contract

Purchase your own semen in Germany, Belgium, Denmark, France or the Netherlands and SES can ship it to the USA. Cost is $100 per dose, which which includes the permit fee, for up to three doses. Over three doses is negotiable. Semen must arrive at a specified location with proper health documents or it will not be transported. Contact us for a price quote for more than three doses.

 Custom Shipping Worldwide: Call for a price quote on custom shipping from anywhere in the world, to you.


SES does group and individual shipments to Canada. For our group shipments we work with veterinarians who send their shipping tanks to us, then receive and distribute semen. In that case, our $325 cost and the other costs of the receiving veterinarian are divided between the number of clients with orders in the tank. Contact us for more information.

Individual shipments are available for $325 plus actual shipping costs. Details below:

Individual shipments to Canada: 

  • First, we need your import permit from CFIA (link to permit)
  • Once we have your import permit we will apply for an export permit from the USDA
  • Some stallions cannot be exported into Canada (for example, from Ukraine or Portugal)
  • You must send us a tank for the shipment

Cost of individual shipment: 
• Preliminary vet inspection of documents - $75.00
• USDA export permit - $100.00
• Postage - $50.00
• Handling fee - $50.00
• Nitrogen - $50.00
• Shipping at your cost (you can charge it to your FedEx account or charge to your credit card).

Total Cost for Individual Shipments - $325.00, plus all actual shipping costs

**Superior Equine Sires assumes no liability for shipments once they leave our possession. 

Visit our FAQs page for other questions about shipping.


Conception Database


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Late-Season Sale
on selected doses
Price List

For immediate delivery

We require two working days advance notice for shipping, or extra charges apply


New clients take $50 off
your first order!

We store semen FREE
through July 31st of the year purchased

Long Term Semen Storage Available

Schockemoehle Contract, 1 dose

Schockemoehle Contract, 2 doses

(Contracts must be signed before
semen ships--no exceptions)


Please enter
your conception data

In 2020 SES has donated frozen semen doses to NEDA, AHS, OHBS, ATA, KWPN and WEST in support of breeder activities

SES is a proud sponsor of USET, AHS, OHBS, RPSI, FHANA, NEDA, USSHBADAD and FOAL 

No processing fees, handling fees, credit card fees or nitrogen fees!
Shipping is our only extra fee!



Expeditions for  Equine Enthusiasts

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Visit State Studs, Verbands, private stud farms, auctions, stallion licensings and more!


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