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Tiede 501


Tiede 501 has proven himself as a very good, dual purpose stallion with a huge willingness to work. Thanks in part to his fine character he is good to handleh and he works easily and with determination. He is a very elegant stallion with much breed type. He has received the highest rating for conformation. His deep black color and his full tail and mane give him a spectacular appearance.

In January 2020, Tiede 501 placed second at his licensing. 

Tiede is the first approved son of Alwin 469. Alwin 469 in perfect combination with the first premium daughter Corinne Z. (Loadewyk x Teunis) brings us Tiede 5001. The dam of Tiede, from strain 8, is a spacious mare received a 9 for construction and an 8.5 for breed type. Tiede received his beautiful model from both parents.

Stallion Details

16.2-1/2 hands
Approved For
Dressage, Driving

Tiede 501 : PEDIGREE

Alwin 469 Sport Felle 422 Sport Lolke 371 Sport
Zorina D. Star Pref
Waldiena B.L. Star Tsjerk 328 Sport Pref
Jildou fan Vriesburg Pref
Corrine Z. Star Loadewyk 431 Sport Elite Tsjerk 328 Sport Pref
Marianne van de Zuiderwaard Star
Floor Brechtsje Star Teunis 332 Sport Pref
Brechtsje Star Pref

Additional Photos

photo photo photo photo

photo photo photo photo