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Sipke 450


Sipke 450 Sport is a beautiful stallion with an exceptional temperament. In his stallion report published by the KFPS, Sipke is described as "a handsome breed typical stallion with a beautifully closed top line." His calm attitude coupled with his intelligence and willingness to work make him a pleasure to ride.

This son of Teade 392 comes from the super damline of Doet. Sipke has sired many good riding horses and has produced desired foals at auction. He has successful competed in the ZZ light class in dressage and has a talent for the sport. He has an extremely long, thick mane which makes his appearance stunning. He is a correctly build stallion and has been quite popular as a sire.

KFPS 2010 foal report:

Sipke's foals display trueness to breed, good frames and sufficient development in front with expressive heads.
The length and conformation of the neck are sufficient.
The placement of the shoulders is sufficiently sloping.
The back has sufficient length.
The croup has an average slope
The loins are sufficiently strong and muscled.
The walk has a sufficiently long stride with impulsion.
The trot has a sufficiently long stride with impulsion and shows balance and agility.

Stallion Details

16.1-3/4 hands
Approved For

Sipke 450 : PEDIGREE

Teade 392 Sport Anton 343 Sport Pref Oege 267 Pref
Iduna Star Pref Prest
Irma van't Zuid Star Pike 316
Tetske Star Pref
Bauwina W Star Ulke 338 Sport Tjimme 275
Fabiolaa Star Pref Prest
Douwina W Star Pref Leffert 306 Sport Pref
Doet Star Pref

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