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Omer 493


Omer 493 is a strong, attractive horse with a muscular head that is strikingly beautiful and has an enormous amount of expression. This stallion shines in the arena and proves his skill in sport and is a prospective stallion. He is the son of Gjalt 426, a well-known sport horse from a star preference daughter of Karst 362.

Omer and his rider, Marijke Folmer, are successful in dressage and have started at the Z1 dressage class. He has been characterized as a willing, friendly stallion with an excellent use of the hindleg.

Omer 493 is the most unrelated stallion found in the Friesian studbook. His bloodline fits well to many mares from different breeding associations. During the main performance test, where Omer 493 was the youngest stallion, he relied on a powerful and solid use of his hind legs. He was openly praised for his spacious step and scored with an 8.5. 

Stallion Details

16.2 hands
Approved For
Dressage, Driving

Omer 493 : PEDIGREE

Gjalt 426 Sport Pyt 325 Barteld 292
Clazien Star
Margriet C Model Lukas 324
Godiva Star Pref
Zandra fan Bartlehiem Star Pref Karst 362 Doeke 287
Romkje Star Pref
Idske fan'e Efterwei Star Pref Naen 264 Pref
Tjallie Star

Additional Photos

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