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Levisonn is a picture-perfect sire and athlete. He has evrything you can wish of a stallion: type, charisma, great movements, a fantastic pedigree and a very high performance potential. Levisonn absolved his 30-days-test in Redefin with superior Notes (total 8.93) in jumping (9.28) and dressage (8.26). The beautiful grey stallion approved his career expectation in the 70-days-test. He won the test by more than 20 points margin with a total of 141.15. He won the dressgage (139.57) and the jumping (130.19). By that he showed his double-talent once more. The first foals are well received in Mecklenburg in 2010. His father Levisto is deemed to be the international figurehead of the Studbook Zangersheide (Belgium). In 2008 and 2009 he was "Sire of the World" and winner of plenty international Grand Prix' with his rider Judy-Ann Melchior. Levisto's mother Hirtin (alias Chica Bay) was also an international successful show jumper and is the sister of Clinton I and II. Levisonn is, like Lordanos (q.v.) out of the line 776, which stands for extraordinary inheritance of performance. Granddam Narwan brought 18 successful horses in 18 years, like the licensed stallion Rouletto and up to the s-class successful show jumpers (Carwan, Baldessarini) and dressage horses (Romino).

Stallion Details

16.2-1/2 hands
Approved For
Oldenburg, OS International, Mecklenburg, Hanoverian and all southern Germany breeding associations.
Eventer, Jumper

Levisonn : PEDIGREE

Levisto Z Leandro Landgraf I
Hirtin Carolus I
Waage I
Melodie VIII Lennon Lord
Narwan Roman

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