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Boet 516


With a 9 for his walk, Boet 516 achieved 84.5 points in the driving test. He scored 82.5 points in the riding test and no less than 87.5 points in the driving segment. In the riding test he received a 9.0 for walk, 7.5 for trot, 7.0 for canter, 7.5 for balance, 7.5 for suppleness, transition and impulsion. These good test results made him, just like his father Jouwe 485 at the time, the topper of the Central Exam.

Boet's good results at his exam stem from his quality exterior and excellent dam line. Boet is the first descendant of the young mare Nynke Ven who produced three, first premium foal in her first crop. Great-grandam Imkje vd Heikant Star Preferent delivered the impressive performance stallion Ypke Ven (by Bartele 472).

Boet has a lot of talent as a riding and harness horse. He excels in the step, has a good movement technique and a lot of flexibility and balance in all three gaits. Boet can improve the breed characteristics, leg technique in the trot and canter, flexibility and workability of your mare.

Stallion Details

16.1-1/2 hands
Approved For
New, Dressage, Driving
Possible roarer

Boet 516 : PEDIGREE

Jouwe 485 Sport Pier 448 Sport Beart 411 Sport Pref
Jikke N. Star
Ryanne V. Kroon Sport Folkert 353 Sport Pref
Wike V. Star Pref
Nynke Ven Star Uldrik 457 Dries 421 Sport
Eeke fan e'Vesta Hoeve Star Pref
Imkje v.d. Heikant Star Pref Sytse 385
Silke J. Star

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