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Welsh & Welsh Cob

North Forks Cardi


It was love at first sight—a magnificent-moving colt, powering effortlessly at his dam's side, hocks springing strong and high, neck arching up and reaching out from his strong shoulders, front legs shooting out straight, and a huge shy eye noticing where I stood at all moments. This was my first introduction to Carol Holcombe's colt out of her top mare, Hastening Mirage. The colt would be named North Forks Brenin Cardi—a future king indeed, decended from Welsh Royalty.

North Forks Cardi is a unique and extremely talented sport stallion. From his first inspection as a 2-year old where he was lauded as a "Fabulous stallion" to his RPSI scores last year of 8s and 9s, he has proven that function follows form. Cardi is an exceptional representation of sporthorse type, correct suspended movement, kind character and exceptional offspring.

As a 3-year old, he began his show career at Training Level and has won multiple championships at every level through Grand Prix Musical Freestyle with co-owner and trainer Jessica Wisdom. His 2009 season culminated with cross-country travel to Dressage at Devon in Pennsylvania—3,081 one-way miles—and making his mark in the famed Dixon Oval. He is currently schooling Grand Prix as well as leading a full life of interesting activities: cross training on the eventing fields, free jumping, cow penning, swimming, trail riding, and used as the occasional lesson horse and demo boy for Jessica's in-hand schooling clinics. Our goal is to have a happy horse who enjoys his work and play.

After the phenomenal 2014 show season, Jessica and Cardi geared up for their last competition year together. Cardi was 14 and in the prime of his life. This dream duo won and qualified for Region 6 championship show for GP and GP Freestyle, which they won. Overall, they landed at 18th place nationally for the Grand Prix. 

By the end of the 2014 show season that began with three California shows in March and April then moved to the NW for Washington and Oregon Dressage shows, Team Cardi qualified for and won championships at Grand Prix at the Region 6 Championships in Nampa, Idaho. After ending on such a high, Jessica and Cardi decided to go all in and travel to Lexington, Kentucky October 7-8 for the National Dressage Finals. Champions and competitors for all regions around the U.S. attended this huge show.

The biggest win for Jessica and Cardi was dancing to the Celtic tunes choreographed by Karen Robinson at the National Dressage Finals in Lexington on October 8, 2014. Team Cardi scored over nine other horses and riders to win the top honors with a 71.375%. I took this video by filming the on-screen test from the USDF online link; it now has over over 73,000 hits. He also won 3rd place in the GP test. 

In 2013 Cardi competed for the first time at Grand Prix in a CDI at San Juan Capistrano in April and scored a best of 68%.  Cardi & Jessica won four Intermediaire II tests during their California tour at Festival of the Horse and the Golden State Dressage Show in April, 2012, with a best score of 67.2%. During the Oregon Dressage Society's Fall Festival, Cardi was awarded the coveted 'Ambassador of the Year' award. In conjunction with being entered in the ODS Hall of Fame, Jessica and Cardi were accepted to ride in a a clinic with Steffen Peters. During the clinic, Steffen mounted and took Cardi through his one-tempi changes and his piaffe.

Debbie McDonald Clinic, January 2009
"He's fancy! ...Think of your's an excellent walk... Boy, he is really something... He can compete with the best of them. ... You know, he's going to have an amazing passage and piaffe, he really is! He's really special... We should have a little Brentina baby. Wouldn't that be fun to experiment?"

Stallion Details

14.3-1/2 hands
Approved For
Welsh Pony and Cob Society of America, RPSI, Weser Ems, ASPR
In-Stock, Dual Purpose, Pony
Free Jumping Score: 8.5

Cardi career highlights:

National Grand Prix Freestyle Champion Score above 71%, 2014

Regional and CDI Champion, multiple times

Champion Stallion at Dressage at Devon

Offspring winning various Regional Championships

North Forks Cardi : PEDIGREE

Canterbrook Llwynog Du *Trevallion Royal Consort Derwen Teynor
Derwen Disturbance
*Uplands Empress Derwen Duchess
Derwen Vicountess
Hastening Mirage *Bayford True Patriot Llanarth True Briton
Chancerie Mist
*Kentchurch Bonny Mae Kentchurch Commandant

Additional Photos

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