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Herald III


"Blood will tell" and Herald's sire, the Thoroughbred stallion Heraldik xx continues to 'speak' through his offspring in show jumping (Herald with Hoyo de Monterey), in dressage (H-Ekwador), but most notably in Eventing. A popular choice in France, Herald III represents a very promising opportunity for bringing back blood in show jumping horses without losing the aptitude. Herald III is also a exceptional choice for breeders of eventing horses. He passes on his elegance and superior locomotion.

Herald was very successful under several riders: Pilar Lucrecia Cordon Muro, Markus Beerbaum, Eric Lamaze and Meredith Michaels-Beerbaum placing very well. Since 2008 his achievements include: Vice-champion of Spain with P. Lucrecia Cordon Milo; Winner of the GP CSI3* of Vejer de la Frontera; GP CSI3* of St-Lô; Nations Cup at the CSIO5* of Barcelona; 3rd of the Nations Cup CSIO5* in Roma; 4th of the GP World cup 1m60 CSI5*-W of Mâlines; 4th of the Nations Cup CSIO5* in Lumen; 10th at the CSI5*-W of Vigo; 7th at the CSI4* of Gijon; 8th at the CSI4* of la Corogne and Vejer de la Frontera; 10th at the CSIO5* of Lumen. Performing at the highest levels for over than 8 years, and with his interesting and proven family, we believe Herald can be an asset for breeding bringing the optimum blend of blood and sport.

n 2019 Herald is 6th in the ranking of SHF fathers in CCE.
▶ Difda du Very finalist at Pompadour at 5 and 6 years old, Excellent label, ICC 134
▶ Herald du Castel is 6th in the Normandy Championship for older male foals in 2017 and 12th in the 2-year-old stallion qualifications at Lamotte-Beuvron in 2019.
▶ Galaad de Ballac is 9th in the 3-year-old stallion qualifications at Lamballe in 2019.
▶ Djinn Tonic Semilly, finalist in the 5-year-old and 6-year-old at Fontainebleau, ISO 127
▶ Que Si Que Non van't Meulenhof is BWP approved in 2019 is sold 44 000 € at BWP auction.
▶ King Champion is 3-year-old Champion in Ireland in 2019.

Heraldik , winner in show jumping at level S in Germany, is 6th best world stallion sire of show jumping horses in the 2017 WBFSH ranking and 29th in 2019. World No. 1 for 6 years, he has been in the world TOP 10 for more than 10 years ! He is notably the father of FRH Butts Avedon , Team Gold Medal at the European Championships with A. Dibowski, 14th world CCE performer in 2016, winner of the CIC2* of Barroca d'Alva and the CIC3* of Arville, 2nd the CIC3* of Barroca d'Alva and the CCIO3* of Boekelo, CCI4*; Halunke FBW , Individual and team Gold Medal at the 2013 European Championships with M. Jung, winner of the CIC3* in Marbach, 2nd in the CCI3* in Strzegom; Hamilton 24 , 48th world CCE performer in 2017, 4th in the CCI3* of Strzegom, winner of the CIC2* of Langenhagen, Bad Harzburg, Luhmülen with J. Sommer; Hans Dampf , winner of the CICO3* in Malmö and the CIC2* in Fairburn, 2nd in the CIC3* in Leesburg, 2nd at the CICO3* in Waregem in 2014 with A. Dibowski, 79th world performer in 2016; RF Tobasco 70 , 16th world performer CCE 2013 with I. Klimke; TSF Karascada M, CIC3* European Championships in 2011 in Luhmühlen and 2009 in Fontainebleau, CCI4* with KS. Meier; FRH Butts Abraxxas ; Helena XII , 143rd world CCE performer in 2014, Happy Times, Haytom , 87th world performer 2016, FRH Butts Leon ... all big winners in CCI at the highest level.
He is also the father of good CSI performers: Herbert ; Herzblatt CSI3*; High Spirit, European Junior Championships with JS. Gulliksen; Hitchcock , finalist at the 5-year-old World Championships in Lanaken; Hoyo de Monterey , 2011 European Championships with S. Endreisen; Noance, Highlight, Heraldicus, Heraldo ...
and in dressage: Ekwador , 42nd world performer in 2013 under Polish saddle, Hidalgo CDI with GM. Alcaide, Happyness IDR 127
▶ Alassia has 4 other products including:
•Coolman (Calando I holst), good winner in CSO 1m35
• Coolman V (Calando I holst), CSI-W and CSIO with P. Schwizer , winner of the GP CSI4* from Buenos Aires...
• Merlin (Mytens ps), CSI3* with P. Wylde ▶ Sasskia has 7 foals including: •Falke , winner in CSI with GW. Elmira•Elmira, dam of:- Kacifant , winner in CSI3* with A. Tecsy-

Stallion Details

Dark Bay
16.1 1/2 hands
Approved For
Holsteiner, Selle Francais, ISH
In-Stock, Eventer, Jumper
WFFS Status: tested non-carrier (N/N)


Heraldik xx Caramel xx Wiesenklee xx
Cranora xx
Heraldika xx Cale xx
Helga xx
Alassia Lorenz Ladykiller xx
Sasskia Midas

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