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Catoki has had numerous wins in showjumper classes up to the intermediate class. He succeeded in gaining spectacular results of up to 9.0 at the 2003 Federal Championship in Warendorf against tough competition. His sire Cambridge had already begun his sports career in 1993 by gaining the title of vice-champion five year old showjumpers and has continued his sporthorse career with numerous wins and placements in advanced level showjumping.

Apart from the top hereditary transmitter Cantus, Cambridge is certainly the most renowned son of the memorable Caletto I. His true-to-type progeny are highly successful in showjumping and his first few crops of foals immediately resulted in the approval of several young stallions, headed by the Chalan sire Chambertin.

▶ Cambridge , holsteiner stallion, he is the son of Caletto I , team bronze medalist at the Hisckstead European Championships in 1983 under the saddle of Dr Michael Ruping. Cambridge was vice-champion of Germany  under the saddle of Ludger Beerbaum at 5 years old, 5th of 6 years old then winner in CSI before devoting himself to breeding.
He produced numerous international show jumping winners, winners in CSI2 * and more, such as: Nemo CSI5 * under the saddle of N. Skelton then L. Davis; Calista-Ninette CSI4 * , Curius 6th of the GPCSIO5 * of Barcelona , Calypsa, Camelita, Chico von Kielsluck, Colina, No Doubt ... In dressage,Cinque Cento international performer notably at the Hong Kong Olympics in 2008 with Korean rider JS Choi. He is also the sire of stallions like Cherubin Vd Helle , Cheval de Blanc 5th in the Derby of the CSI4 * of Hickstead or Chambertin who produced the famous Chacco Blue.
► Bilda  produced the stallion Casco Z , Cassoki Floreval and LB Calvano CSIO4 * , performing in international Grand Prix under the saddle of Susanne Behring.
► Vordula produced the stallions Lago and Laurenz , and Biloa, dam of Calvano, good winner in CSI.
►Limburg produced Ticona , grandmother of the great international winner Canarias , and standard Rocadero that produced many winners in CSI and dressage.
► Gilda is the dam of Can Do present at the Beijing Olympics under the Chinese colors, winner in CSI5 * , Chiron S classified in CSI5 * , Chalan winner in CSI4 * -W under the American colors, Con Spirit 7 winner in CSI3 * , Levantos II , approved stallion.

The maternal side of Catoki's pedigree includes the highly riveting Silvester, who became immortalised through the top international dressage horse Silvano (Ellen Bontje). The success story of this mare family is characterized by dams of stallions in an uninterrupted sequence. Catoki's dam Bilda had already produced Casco Z for Zangersheide, whereas the granddam Vordula gave birth to the stallions Lago and Laurenz (Holstein Association). The Holsteiner approval winner of 1982, Rocadero is moreover out of the great-grandam Limburg. Bloodline 4705.

It is the dam line Holsteiner n ° 4705 at the origin of about twenty stallions including Chalan, Levantos I and Levantos II.

►  He was a  finalist in the German Championship at 5 and 6 years old.
►  In 2006 and 2007, he has a series of results on the international scene under the saddle of Gerd Sosath. He was crownedState Champion of Oldenburg in 2006.
►  In 2008, he finished 8th in the GP of the CSI of Donaueschingen , 8th of the Derby of the CSIO of Falsterbo , 10th of the GP of the CSI of Hannover. He regularly ranks in 1m50 events in Odense, Pforzheim, Falsterbo under the saddle of Jörg Naeve. ► Between 2009 and 2012, he passed under the saddle of P. Weishaupt and won at the highest level. In 2009, he was notably 6th in the GP of the CSI5 * -W in Stuttgart
 and 7th in Oslo .
►  From 2010,  2nd in the Helsinki CSI5 * -W GP , 3rd in the Oslo CSI5 * -W GP and 6th in the Leipzig GP ; 2nd in 2010 and team winner of the Nations Cup in Hickstead in 2011, then  winner of the GP of CSI5 * -W of Bordeaux and CSI5 * of Vigo,  8th of the GP of CSIO5 * of Aix La Chapelle , 9th of the GP of the CSIO5 * of La Baule .
►  In 2012, he was notably 4th in the CSI5 * W GP in Helsinki,  7th in the CSI5 * GP in Valkenswaard and CSIO5 * in Calgary , 7th in Hickstead and 10th in the CSI5 * GP in Doha.
►  From 2013, he was ridden by a young Danish rider Emil Hallundbaek and regularly ranked in major international events: 2nd in the GP CSI2 * in Wien, finalist in the European Junior Championships.

► N ° 27 of the fathers of CSO winners worldwide in 2019, 28th in 2018, 46th in 2017 and 77th in 2016!
►  His first offspring are 15 years old in 2019 and he already has several international winners such as:
• Keoki, 4th in the GP 160 of the CSI4 * of Wellington, 3rd of the GP Coupe du Monde 160 of the CSIW4 * of Lexington, 9th of the GP 150 of the CSI3 * of Wellington with David Blake
• Catover, 6th in the GP 150 of the CSI2 * of Balvanera, 9th of the GP 160 CSIW4 World Cup * of Guadalajara with Rodrigo Lambre
• Amsterdam 27 , 2nd of the Nations Cup of the CSIO5 * of Calgary with Mario Deslauriers
• Castor vh Molenhof , 4th in a 150 at the CSI4 * in Liège with Dominique Hendrickx
• Gucci,10th of a 150 at the CSI3 * of Monterrey with Jefferson Martins Maquieira
• Catoki's Son, 4th of a 155 at the CSIW4 * of Washington with Erynn Ballard
• Clueso, 6th of the GP 145 of the CSI2 * of Sammorin with Jörne Sprehe
• Luigi d ' Eclipse, 5th in the GP 145 of the CSI2 * of Oliva with Marlon Modolo Zanotelli
• HHS Fortune wins the derby of the CSIW4 * of Abu Dhabi with Michael Pender
• Catypso, 2nd of the GP CSI-W of Del Mar, 1st of the GP CSI4 * of Tryon , finalist of the World Cup final in Omaha in 2017 with E. Navet
• Cath Me If You Can: Bronze medal at the World Equestrian Games in Tryon, Winner of the Nations Cup in Aachen and second in Rotterdam in 2018with L. Klaphake.
• Cordel, 5th of the GP CSIO of Gijon, 11th of the GP CSIO of St Gall with C. Gisler
• Cool Down, Winner of the GP CSI2 * of Riesenbeck, 4th of a 145 at the CSI5 * of Cascais, 8th of a 150 in CSI5 * in Berlin, 6th in a 150 at the CSI5 * in Stuttgart with L. Beerbaum
• Catokia , 2nd and 3rd over 1.50m in London and Calgary, 3rd in the GP CSI2 * in Verden with P. Weishaupt
• Contanga 3 , 2nd from the GP to the CSI5 * Longines Masters of Paris, 3rd of the GP to the CSI5 * of Chantilly and Mexico with A. Zorzi
• Carriere ISO 155 (15), 2nd of the GP CSI-W of London Olympia, 2nd of the GP CSI4 * of Amsterdam with D Deusser, 6th in the GP CSI3 * of Megève with P Léoni.
• Catinka 25CSI3 * with V. Mannix, Catwalk 22 , Catover , Campbell ,…
► But also among the international performers: United Love HDC , CSI with Olivier Guillon; Camargo DH, Cinzia PMS, Catokina, Cordanus ...
► Caitoki, Camil, Capron, Casmeen, Catan, Catex, Catoki Cannon, Chocitoki, Venezia ... are winners in CSI young horses. Sevillana del Terriccio is 13th in the 7-year-old world championship in Lanaken in 2019.
► Among his young offspring in France: Coquelicot vh heuvelland ISO 146 (19); Aarhof's Caliano ISO 128 (19); Chanel OneISO 145 (16), qualified at 4 and 5, ranked 3rd in the 6-year-old final; Baikal de Talma ISO 134 (18), qualified at 5 years old, stallion; Casting ISO 125 (16), qualified at 5 years old, stallion; Bambali , finalist at 7; Matoki van't Prinseveld, qualified at 4 , clear 9 out of 12; Braveheart  ISO 138 (15); Catapult of Ventel ISO 136 (15) standard; Djebel D'Bonneville ISO 138 (15); Castor vh Molenhof Z ISO 128 (18); Choukanel de Ponthual ISO 137 (18); Lawyer at Riverland sold 18,000 euros at the Elite Fences Sales in 2019The German Team, with rider Laura Klaphake and a Catoki daughter, Catch Me If You Can, won the bronze medal at the 2018 World Equestrian Games in Tyron, USA.
►He already has more than 20 stallion sons approved in Germany, including Canoso who obtained the perfect score of 10 on vault when he was approved in Germany, and Coolio , TOP PRICE for € 140,000 in Hanoverian sales in 2016.

Stallion Details

16.2-1/2 hands
Approved For
Holsteiner, Hanoverian, Oldenburg, Swedish, Selle Francais, Westphalian
In-Stock, Hunter, Jumper
Performance Test jumping winner, Radegast 2001
Reserve Bundeschampion (5 year olds), 2003
4th Place @ Final of Warendorf (6 year olds), 2004
International winnings, 2005
1st place @ World Cup (under Phillip Weishaupt), 2011
Numerous placings 2011: World Cups and Nations Prizes
Grand Prix placings 2011: Vigo, Spain; Bordeaux, France; Doha, UAE; La Baule, France; and Aachen and Hickstead, Great Brittan
Grand Prix placings 2012: Balve, Calagary; Helsinki, Finland and Valkenswaard, Holland.

WFFS Status: tested negative (N/N)


Cambridge Caletto Cor de la Bryere
Hilgunde Marlon xx
Bilda Silvester Silbersee
Vordulla Cor de la Bryere

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