Askar AA

Askar AA, the first Anglo-Arabian in Hamstrup, was born in what is undoubtedly the most famous Polish Arabian stud farm, Janow Podlaski. His sire, the French Anglo-Arabian Quator Charrier is a half-brother to the great sire of type and producer of great international sports horses, Zeus whilst his grandsire Dahoman derives from the internationally popular Shagya line. The pedigree leads into an old established Arabian dam line via the Thoroughbred Saumur xx, who was a very successful racehorse in France. In 1990 Askar AA absolved his 11 month stallion performance test with very good results and at the age of just seven years, took part in his first three-day event. Then in 1996, he started in his first international event in Luhmühlen and at the Olympic Games in Atlanta, where he performed without any faults in the speed and endurance event. This was followed in the year 1999 by high placements in three-day eventing at the famous Bialy Bor. Toughness and absolute preparedness to perform over many years are the criteria transmitted best in his heredity, traits that this stallion has proven up to Olympic level. His motions allow us to anticipate good results in the future, considering that his approved sons are endowed with overwhelming potential. 

Quatour Charrierre AA Arlequin x Massondo x
Nuit Bleue x
Balise x Neron x
Bazilik x
Arsena x Dahoman IX Dahoman IV
601 Shagya VII
Arsi x Saumur xx
Artemis ox

1987 bay 16.1-3/4-hand Anglo-Arab

Approved for: Oldenburg, Rhineland, Westphalian and Anglo-Arabl

Stallion Performance Test  

Overall score 

Dressage score 

Jumping score 










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