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Nabab De Reve

Nabab de Rêve jumped very successfully on the international circuit. In 2002 he was elected Horse of the Year by the Belgian people. He and his Belgian rider Philippe Le Jeune, were the most frequent winning combination at the highest level of jumping. Nabab was the best Belgian-bred horse of all matches of the Samsung Nations Cups and helped Belgium win the bronze medal at the World Games in Jerez de laFrontera, the first team medal at the highest level since the Games in Montreal 1976.Nabab de Rêve already has many approved sons who also compete in jumping including Kashmir prev. Schuttershof (SBS), Carembar the Muse (BWP), Vigo d'Arsouilles (SBS), Pourquoi Pas de Muze (AES), Winsome of sycamore (Zangersheide), Gilson Gaston (AES), Pagny du Fleury (AES), Prince v / d Wolfsakker (AES) and Double Diamond (approved in Canada and available at King Ridge Stables) in September 2008 was Edjaz 't Merelnest ( from the full sister to Sapphire) approved for Zangersheide. His son Winsome van de Plataan was 2005 world champion in Lanaken. His daughter Subliem van 't Paradijs in 2000 was world champion of five-year-old horses. In 2009 Gaillard de la Pomme (x Nabab Narcotique Muze II) was approved for the SBS.Nabab de Rêve is a proven sire of show jumpers. He sires progeny with much power and good technique.

A few of his champions at Grand Prix level and also international Grand Prix horses:
* Walnut de Muze - Harry Smolders (NL) * Walnut de Muze - Harry Smolders (NL)
* Vigo d'Arsouilles - Philippe Lejeune (BEL) * Vigo d'Arsouilles - Philippe Lejeune (BEL)
* Valentina van 't Heike - Jos Lansink (BEL) * Valentina van 't Heike - Jos Lansink (BEL)
* Nabab's Son - Ludger Beerbaum (D) * Nabab's Son - Ludger Beerbaum (D)
* Paradigm (ex Rabab) - Mario Deslauriers (CAN) * Paradigm (former Rabab) - Mario Deslauriers (CAN)
* Vici van 't Plutoniahof - Ludo Phillippaerts (BEL) * Vici 't Plutoniahof - Ludo Philipp Aerts (BEL)
* Va et Viens van de Zelm - Marc Van Dijck (BEL) * Va et Viens of Zelm - Marc Van Dijck (BEL)
* Lapagayo - Yannick Martin (FRA) * Lapagayo - Yannick Martin (FRA)
* Nabab Forever - Chris Ellis (GBR) * Nabab Forever - Chris Ellis (GBR)
* Freestyle - Elliot Stone (CAN) * Freestyle - Elliot Stone (CAN)
* Laforza - Kim Farlinger (CAN) * Laforza - Kim Farlinger (CAN)
* Le Rêve de Nabab - Sergio Alvarez Moya (ESP) * Le Rêve de Nabab - Sergio Alvarez Moya (ESP)
* Surrealist v/h Paradijs - Brice Orsolini (FRA) * Surrealist prev. Paradise - Orsolini Brice (FRA)
* Werly Chin de Muze - Richard Davenport (GB) * Werly Chin de Muze - Richard Davenport (GB)
* Walloon de Muze - Michel Hécart/André Roguet(FRA) * The Walloon Muse - Michel Hecart / Roguet André (FRA)
* Teti van Cannes - Ales Opatiny (FRA) * Teti Cannes - Ales Opatiny (FRA)
* Urano II - Jessica Kuerten (SUI) * Urano II - Jessica Kuerten (SUI)
* Kayak van het Gravenhof - Michèle Barrera (PHIL) * Kayak the Gravenhof - Michèle Barrera (PHIL)
* Mentor Desmet - Fabrice Dumartin (FRA) * Mentor Desmet - Dumartin Fabrice (FRA)
* Merveile de Muze - Trevor Coyle (IRE) * Merveile the Muse - Trevor Coyle (IRE)
* Ursa - Giampieri Carta (ITA) * Ursa - Giampieri Carta (ITA)
* Kashmir van 't Schuttershof - Philippe Lejeune (BEL) * Kashmir 't Schuttershof - Philippe Lejeune (BEL)
* Green sleeps Viocco - Vincent Lambrechts (BEL) * Green sleeps Viocco - Vincent Lambert (BEL)
* Tikila - Mark Jespers (NL) * Tikila - Mark Jespers (NL)
* Wido Alia - Olivier Guillon(FRA) Wido * Alia - Olivier Guillon (FRA)

Verder vinden we ook volgende nakomelingen van Nabab de Reve terug in de uitslagen van internationale jumpings : Furthermore, we find the following descendants of Nabab Reve back in the results of international jumpings:
* Watch Me Bovenhoekshof - Edwina Alexander (AUS) * Watch Me Bovenhoekshof - Edwina Alexander (AUS)
* Subliem van t Paradijs - Molly Ashe (USA) * Sublime of the Paradise - Molly Ashe (USA)
* Winsome van de Plataan - David Jobertie (FRA) * Winsome of the plane tree - David Jobertie (FRA)
* Victor van t Meeuwbos - Sencer Can (TUR) * Victor Meeuwbos t - Sencer Can (TUR)
* Van Gils Guust - Eric Vandervleuten (NL) * Gilson Gaston - Eric Vander Vleuten (NL)
* Wiluna de Muze - Jimmy Torano (USA) * Wiluna the Muse - Jimmy Torano (USA)
* Double Diamond - Roberto Teran (CAN) * Double Diamond - Roberto Teran (CAN)
* Versace van 't Paradijs - David Jobertie (FRA) * Versace 's Paradise - David Jobertie (FRA)
* Virgin van de Moortelshoeve - Pernilla Jakubowitz (SWE) * Virgin of Moortelshoeve - Pernilla Jakubowitz (SWE)
* Tiago - Niklaus Rutschi (SUI) * Tiago - Rütschi Niklaus (SUI)
* Uheer - Karline De Brabander (BEL) * Uher - Karline De Brabander (BEL)
* Petite de Muze - Juan Carlos Garcia (ESP) * The Petite Muse - Juan Carlos Garcia (ESP)
* Watamin - Hanne Mertens (BEL) * Watamin - Hanne Mertens (BEL)
* Amber van het Spieveld - Hanno Ellerman (EST) * Amber Field of Spie - Hanno Ellerman (EST)
* Wega van den Bisschop - Graziano Rodinetti (ITA) * Vega of the bishop - Rodinetti Graziano (ITA)
* Pagny du Fleury - Valerie Rohmer (FRA) * Pagny du Fleury - Valerie Rohmer (FRA)
* Viana - Hanna Marttila (FIN) * Viana - Hanna Marttila (FIN)
* Tequilla - Emiel Geurts (BEL) * Tequilla - Emiel Geurts (NED)
* Prince van de Wolfsakker - David Jobertie (FRA) * Prince of Wolfsakker - Jobertie David (FRA)
* Pourquoi Pas de Muze - Ali Al Thoni (QAT) * Pourquoi Pas de Muze - Thöni Al Ali (QAT)
* Rigal d'Arsouilles - Pieter De Vos (BEL) * Rigal d'Arsouilles - Pieter De Vos (BEL)
* Valentin de l'Imperméable - Annika Reintam (EST) * Valentin de l'Impermeable - Annika Reintam (EST)
* Sadio van de West gavers - Dilara Pars (TUR) * Sadio of the West Gavers - Dilara Pars (TUR)
* Watoela T - Alberto Carrara (ITA) * Watoela T - Alberto Carrara (ITA)
* Abra van het Rozenhof - Anquetin Stephane (FRA) * Abra of Rozenhof - Anquetin Stéphane (FRA)
* Vespa van de West gavers - Charline Vandergeeten (BEL) * Vespa of West Gavers - Charline Vandergeeten (BEL)
* Abab van het Molenhof - S.Alvarez Moya (ESP) * ABAB of Molenhof - S. Alvarez Moya (ESP)
* Impante de Sohan - Dominique Joassin (BEL) * Impante the Sohan - Joassin Dominique (BEL)
* Wabelle de Muze - Damien Haelterman (BEL) * Wabelle the Muse - Haelterman Damien (BEL)
* Sliver van de Kruishoeve - Massimiliano Menegon (ITA) * Sliver of Kruishoeve - Menegon Massimiliano (ITA)
* Vitesse - Samuel De Pauw (BEL) * Vitesse - Samuel Pauwels (BEL)
* Way of Life - Sebastian Haas (D) * Way of Life - Sebastian Haas (D)
* Vetrichta van 't Verahof - Vian Pietro (ITA) * Vetrichta 't Verahof - Vian Pietro (ITA)
* Bacardi van 't Lambroeck - Jean-Marc Nicolas (FRA) * Bacardi 't Lambroeck - Jean-Marc Nicolas (FRA)
* Billund d'Arsouilles - Kevin Staut (FRA) * Billund d'Arsouilles - Kevin Staut (FRA)
* Casimir de la Pomme - Alexandros Fourlis * Casimir de la Pomme - Alexandros Fourlis
* Carlotta - Lisa De Ridder (BEL) * Carlotta - Lisa De Ridder (BEL)
* Couscous van Ortiz - Jens Van Der Steichel (BEL) * Couscous with Ortiz - Jens Van Der Steichele (BEL)
* Paraguana des Dames - Bernardo Alvez (BRA) * Paraguana des Dames - Alvez Bernardo (BRA)
* Zack - Gabriel Coumans (NL) * Zack - Gabriel Coumans (NL)
* Aurelia vd Bisschop - Jan Motmans (België) * Aurelia vd Bishop - January Motmans (Belgium)
* Candy - Pieter De Vos (België) * Candy - Pieter De Vos (Belgium)
Quidam de Revel Jalisco B Alme
Dirka Nankin
Ondine De Baugy
Melodie en Fa Artichaut Pierreville
Caravelle Bel Avenir
1990 bay 17.0-hand Belgian Warmblood
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