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Tjebbe 500


Tjebbe 500 is the first registered son of Bartele 472 and comes from a very predicate-rich dam line. His dam is the very atypical 1st premium star mare, Femke van Stal zadelhoff. Grand dam is Frigga fan Synaeda (Crown) and her great dam is the famous Pyrrha fan Synaeda, Model, Preferent and Performance!  His sire, is Bartele 472, is well known as a super sport stallion.

Tjebbe 500 showed himself in the CO as a very nice stallion to work with. The jury had no doubt about his performance. He moves very easily and can, like his sire, switch excellently.

This stallion has a solid and tough appearance. Built as a Friesian must be built. He has a strong body and he uses his hind legs very well.  Tjebbe can add a lot of strength, flexibility and vitality to your mare.

Stallion Details

16.1-1/2 hands
Approved For
Dressage, Driving

Tjebbe 500 : PEDIGREE

Bartele 472 Sport Onne 376 Sport Leffert 306 Sport pref
Ytsje Star pref
Liefke fan't Brillehof Star Tsjerk 328 Sport pref
Zilver Boszorg Star pref
Femke van stal Zadelhoff Star Dries 421 Sport Jasper 366 Sport Elite pref
Hiltsje fan Nes Model pref prest
Frigga fan Synaeda Kroon Tsjerk 328 Sports Pref
Pyrrha fan Suynaeda Pref Prest

Additional Photos

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