Morgengold II

Morgengold II is a charming, typey and athletic model of a stallion, instantly distinguishable by his rare palomino color. He also possesses convincing movement and an excellent aptitude for jumping.
His sire, Malteser Gold, is a son of the famous Trakehner dressage sire, Marduc, who to date has produced five graded sons. His dam, Isabella, has produced two other graded sons by the same stallion, Morgengold I and Mangold N. Morgengold I  covered a limited number of mares in Germany, but has already produced graded son, Mega-Star. Morgengold has been relocated to Ireland, where he is successfully competing in showjumping and has produced the All-Ireland-Champion mare at Goresbridge. He has also sired a highly placed (8th) contestant of the world-famous jumping festival in Millstreet, which is open only to a selected number of outstanding jumping horses. Full brother Mangold N. is standing as a private stallion in Holstein and also competing successfully in showjumping. In 1999 he presented his first approved son--Maratino. Damsire, Magister, was one of the most important Trakehner stallions of the 1970s, and rightly famous for his unique character and as a producer of competition horses for both dressage and jumping. Morgengold II has the old East Prussian Trakehner blood of Ilmengrund and Taifun, from whom he inherited his beautiful type. Every foal in his first crop of foals were awarded 1A premiums, and all convinced with their noble and correct conformation as well as their generous movement in all three paces. At his 100-day stallion test, Morgengold II received the highest score for his character, 8 for gaits and 8 for the jumping as single scores in training. Morgengold II is currently one of only three approved and active German Warmblood (Deutsches Reitpferd) palomino stallions worldwide. He is the only German Warmblood-approved, active Zweibruecker palomino stallion in the world. 

Malteser Gold Marduc Halali
Madeira II
Altamira Ratsherr
Isabella Magister Major
Inka Imker

1993 palomino 16.1-hand German Warmblood/Zweibruecker

Approved for: RPSI, ZfDP

Stallion Performance Test, 100-day

Overall score 

Dressage score 

Jumping score 








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