Didi is a Selle Francais of outstanding type and performance ability. Well built and a good mover, Didi is one of the most powerful and consistent show jumping stallion anywhere in the world, achieving 12 wins and 12 other placings in only 13 International Shows.  His winnings of over £37,500 in 1989 far exceed those of any other BSJA registered stallion. 

Performances under Michael Whitaker: 
1988--1st, 7th CSF Bethune, 2nd, 6th CSI Cannes, 3rd, 1st, 5th Royal International Birmingham, 4th CSA Franconville, 14th, 1st CSIO Aachen, 4th, 5th, 2nd CSI Zurich, 2x 1st CSIO Dublin, 11th CSIO Dinard, 2nd, 10th CSIO Rotterdam, 7th, 4th, 7th, 6th Horse of the Year Wembley (GB), 1st CSI Strasbourg, 5th CSI Stuttgard, 8th CSI Maastricht, 6th CSI Bordeaux, 1st, 4th CSI Bruxelles

1989--1st 's Hertogenbosch 2.25m, 1st Paris 2.30m, 2x 1st + 7th, Antwerp, 3x 1st + 4th Royal International, 3rd, St Gallen 
2nd Bremen, 2x 1st + 2nd, 8th Wembley, 2nd Stuttgart, 1st Amsterdam, 1st, 6th Brussels, 9th, 5th, 2nd, 5th Olympia, 3rd, 1st Mechelen GP

1990--1st, 2nd CSI Paris, 1st, 2nd CSI 'S Hertogenbosch, 1st CSI Dinard, 1st, 3rd CSIO Rotterdam, 1st CSI Mondorf, 10th CSI Chaudfontaine, 1st, 6th South View Eauestrian, 1st CSI Wembley, 1st CSIO Washington, 1st CSIO New York, 1st, 5th, 8th CSIO Toronto, 2nd CSI Porte de Versailles, 2nd, 5th CSI Mechelen

1991--2nd CSI Paris, 3rd CSI Zoute, 1st, 2nd CSI Millstreet 
1st CSIO Dublkin, 1st CSI Mondorf, 6th CSIO Lanaken, 9th Horse of the Year, 1st CSI Bremen,  
9th CSI Stuttgart 
4th, 8th CSI Amsterdam 
5th CSI Maastricht 
2nd CSI Berlin

Colorado x Courlis x Royal Nostra x
Collonqes x
Bellina x Le Galop x
Belle de Nuit x
Wiske Fantastique Ibrahim
Nini Unicum

1980 dark brown 16.3-1/2-hand Selle Francais

Approved for: Anglo European, Selle Francais

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