Clovis de Goudal 

Clovis de Goudal was a showjumping winner from an early age. At four years old he was winner of the Classic Cycle with eight courses without fault, and was a finalist in the Championship of Belgium at Gesves . At five years he achieved eighth place in the Championship of Belgium at Gesves and was second at the test of stallions at Putte . At six he won the half final of the Championship of Belgium, was eleventh at the final at Gesves and achieved 25th place at the Championship of the World at Zangersheid. In international competition he has received seventh place at the International Tournament at Moorsele, was eighth in Austria - Wiener Neustadt , fourth at C.S.I.C. at Hasselt, and tenth place aux index de sauts 2000. The maternal grandsire of Clovis de Goudal, Manganate AR, was best stallion PSA of National Haras . As a sire Clovis de Goudal is represented by Liebe van het Blokenhof (1995) who at four years old completed five courses without fault , and at five years was victor of the circuit of @@testage ++SBS; at six years was victor of the circuit of @@testage ++SBS. Liebe was also the best at the ++SBS to ++Glhin , received the first consolation of the Championship of Belgium at ++Gesves, ++CSIO at ++Lummen and first scale at Has Vat, first scale C. Clovis de Goudal's daughter, Katinka vh Blokenhof, was the champion of the regional of Campine, at four years old. At five she had five time doubles without fault in the Classic Cycle, and was second at Orshof for five year old horses. At six Katinka years, placed well in the Classic Cycle at Waregem and was first at the half final of the Championship of Belgium at Gesves . At seven years,  she was first in the CSN of 1.30 m at Libramont , fourth in the CSN Great Price at Libramont, second in the CSN of Masters of Eupen, first in the CSIY of Welkenraedt and third in the CSN of 1.40 m in Link.

Ringo ox Iago C AA Ventoux
Isa B AA Dionysos II
Option de Goudal  Manganate AR Saint Laurent AR
Mandragore AR
Patricia A Dunamis
Vadstena PS

1990 chestnut 16.1-3/4-hand Anglo-Arab

Approved for: sBs

Stallion Performance Test

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