Chronist is young son of the Elite Stallion Caprimond, who transmits dressage talent and elegant type to his offspring. Caprimond's sons are inheriting his prepotency to sire quality sport horses. The dam of Chronist is sired by Elite Stallion, Sokrates. 

E.H. Caprimond Karon E.H. Arogno
SPS Capri VI E.H. Mackensen
PrSt Coeur As
PrSt Charisma E.H. Sokrates Patron
StPrSt u PrSt Syggi
Caravelli Atlas I

1999 brown 16-hand Trakehner

Approved for: Trakehner 

Stallion Performance Test, 30-day

Overall score 8.08

Dressage score 8.02

Jumping score 7.85
















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