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Charm of Nibelungen
charm of nibelungen

Charm of Nibelungen is a son of the prepotent Koerung and HLP winner, Chantre' B. Charm of Nibelungen, Bundeschampion of 2003, was approved in 2001 in Aachen. He has a beautiful face and exquisite type. He completed his stallion performance test, which included 25 participants, in impressive manner, achieving scores of 9.0 and better six times! For his trot he received 9.34, for the canter 8.83, for character 8.80. Charm of Nibelungen has an absolutely calm nature and is extremely people-oriented, making him a valuable progenitor for breeding riding ponies. His dam, SPS Nibelungenlied, is related to many approved stallions and elite and federal winners such as federal champions Nobelprinz H and Naomi. Charm of Nibelungen has won many riding horse examinations and was Westphalian champion with a final score of 8.80, and was approved as federal champion, where he won all three valuations in impressive fashion. Foreign riders gave him the dream scores of 9.5 for trot, 10 for canter, 10 for rideability.

Chantre' B Cath. Night Safe Triumph
Propser of Cat.
PS Variante Valentino
SPS Nibelungenlied Nansen Nalet ox
Carmen Downland Chevalier

2000 bay 14.1-3/4-hand German Riding Pony

Approved for: German Riding Pony

Stallion Performance Test 2001

Overall score  8.80, 3rd

Dressage score  8.63, 1st

Jumping score  7.5, 8th

charm of nibelungen charm of nibelungen
charm of nibelungen charm of nibelungen
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