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Tsjalke 397


Tsjalke is a son of Leffert from a Doeke mother. Tsjalke was approved in 2002. He was registered with the VerrichtingsonderzoekTsjalke is a well-conformed stallion with a y built stud with beautiful neck and shoulder, a superb front and splendid rear quarters. The trot of Tsjalke is superlative, and he has very tactful, sweeping movement. He has very high rideability. His other scores were: walk, 7, trot 7.7, gallop 6.6, one test 7.4, slide test 7.2, file test 7.2, show test 8.2 and work desire 7.3, for a total of 79.9. Tsjalke had the highest figure for the show test. He was champion Verrichtingsexamen 2002.

Leffert Tamme Jochem
Lawine, ster
Bontsje, ster Oepke
Enke, ster, pref.
Selma Fan 'E Grupstal, ster Doeke Peke
Marianne III, ster, pref.
Ellie, ster, pref. Tajalling
Tilana, model, pref.
1998 black 16.0-1/2-hand Friesian

Approved for: Friesian

Stallion Performance Test

Overall score 

Dressage score 

Jumping score 

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