Summertime is a champion with impressive movements and a lot of cadence and action combined with an exquisite character and talent at the  jump. He was the premium sire at the Trakehner stallion selection in Neumünster, 2000. Lars Gehrmann, director of the comission, commented, "Well grown with good conformation and constitution. Beside his interesting pedigree he comes up with looseness, balance and enormous forward thrust." He has many wins and placings in dressage and jumping competitions and in riding tests for young horses. Summertime passed his performance-test in an excellent way, finishing in performance class I. He was third with 125 points in dressage. The following results speak for his willingness to perform: character 10,0; temperament 8,5; performance-readiness 9,0; constitution 9,0; canter 9,0; trot 8,0; walk 8,67; showjumping 8,0; rideability 9,0. On the basis of X-ray he is rated class I-- which means perfect X-rays. Lars Gehrmann, breeding director of the Trakehner Verband, evaluated Summertime's first foal crop as follows: "Haemelschenburg's Premium Stallion Summertime celebrated the start of his breeding career with a bang. Numerous well muscled foals with three above average basic paces and a very athletic appearance caught the eye. The movement shows a lot of impulsion with good balance, excellent activity from behind and an especially good canter. Great lines and well set necks are also marks of the mostly very well conformed Summertime foals." Summertime's first crop was extremely successful showing.

Michelangelo Pasteur xx Buergemeister xx
StPrSt, ES Miami Matador*
Mirabell III
PrSt Sarogna EH Arogno Flaneur
ESt Arcticonius xx
Saskia VII Valerian

1998 dark bay 16.3-1/2-hand Trakehner

Approved for: 

Stallion Performance Test

Overall score 

Dressage score 125 / 3rd

Jumping score 

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