Sauvignon is one of the very few keured sons of champion Kennedy. Though he retired too early from breeding, Kennedy is in the pedigrees of top auction horses, sports horses and highly decorated breeding horses. Sauvignon's dam, Schöne Capri, a daughter of the elite stallion, Caprimond, has produced many good stallions. Of note is Pythagorus in her background. Sauvignon set an auction record as a high-selling foal that has not been surpassed. At his stallion performance test, he impressed with third place overall and second place in dressage, with 130.62. Sauvignon was trained to "S" level in dressage. This noble cross of Kennedy and Caprimond bloodlines is characterized by his typically Trakehner appearance, his good interior qualities and his three good gaits. His first foal crop in 2001 was enthusiastically received.


Kennedy Michelangelo  Pasteur xx
StPrStPrSt Miami
Kordellia IV Mackensen
PrSt Korbethia
Schöne Capri E.H. Caprimond Karon
StPr Capri VI
Schöne Heide Keith

1994 bay 16.2-1/2-hand Trakehner

Approved for: Trakehner

Stallion Performance Test 1998, Redefin  

Overall score  / 3rd

Dressage score 130.62 / 2nd

Jumping score 












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