LBH Royal Bravour

LBH Royal Bravour 

is currently ranked high in the BCM ranking with 560.4 points. In events relevant to BCM World Breeding Rankings, Royal Bravour placed 15th in the Volvo Wold Cup 98 standing after sixteen competitions, was first CSI-Helsinki 98 tab A 1.45m, 14th CSI-Helsinki 98 Tab A 1.40m, 13th CSI-Helsinki 98 Power and Speed Comp Tab A 1.50m, eighth CSI-Götenborg 98 Volvo world cup Qualifier Tab A with Jump-off 1.60m, seventh CSI-Götenborg 98 Tab A/C 1.45m, 13th CSI-Brabanthal Ned 98 Tab A 1.45m Rabobankprijs I. Additionally, he was second Gothenburg - World Cup Final I, first Oslo - WC Qualifier, 1997, first Amsterdam - WC Qualifier, 1997 and third 1998 Amsterdam - WC Qualifier. 

Ramiro Raimond Ramzes x
Valine Cottage Son xx
Ursula Orthos Gottschalk
Rivalin SP
Lady Wood Courville xx

1983 grayy 16.2-1/2-hand NRPS

Approved for: KWPN, NRPS

Stallion Performance Test

Overall score 

Dressage score 

Jumping score 


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