Pret a Porter

Pret a Porter is a stallion of premier movement and athletic ability. He has terrific swing and suspension and optimum drive from behind. He also possesses a great deal of front-end elevation in the extended trot, and is a correct horse, with an impressive topline and a generous character. His sire, Invernel, is a very successful sire with many approved sons, and who passes on the precious blood of Arogno. His dam is from one of the Klosterhof’s three premier damlines, and includes the premium mare Pontresina, whose dam, Parchim, was one of the highest scoring mares in the Trakehner breed. Successful three-day event horses descend from this damline, which goes back to Abglanz and Pik As xx. There are many elite sport horses from this line, including Palladio, and German three-day event champion Pratorius. Pret a Porter had a brilliant stallion performance test and achieved second place with an overall result of 8.16 and a very high rideability. He has been victorious in several riding horse examinations. 

Ivernel E.H. Arogno Flaneur
E.St. Arcticonius xx
Isola II Marlo
Isabel VI
Pr.St. Pontresina v.Klosterhof E.H. Sokrates Patron
SPS Syggi
Pr.St. Parchim Valentin

1998 chestnut 16.2-hand Trakehner

Approved for: Trakehner

Stallion Performance Test 

Overall score 2nd

Dressage score 

Jumping score 








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