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Multicolor II GF

multicolor II gf

Multicolor II GF, the buckskin tobiano warmblood stallion, was born 2002. As a foal he scored a phenomenal 9.0 at the foal show and was placed 2nd at the National German Championships for German Warmbloods in his colt class. Multicolor II GF is approved and awarded Verbandspremium Stallion as the highest scoring Pinto WB stallion ever within the Association.

Mascarpone GF
Morgengold I
VPrSt Panachée


Sinclair B

Sambuco B

Stella XI


2002 16.1 Hand Buckskin Tobiano German Warmblood

Approved for: ZfdP and European Coloured Horse Association

Stallion Performance Test

Type: 9

Conformation: 8.5

Correctness: 8

Movement: 9

Overall 9

multicolor multicolor
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