Mozart des Hayettes

Mozart des Hayettes is a precocious young jumper of note. He has compiled an eloquent record for a stallion of only four years. In 1999 he was admitted by the sBs. At three years of age Mozart des Hayettes was first in the free jumping contest for sBs and BWP at Durbuy in 1999. He was first in the Belgian Classic Cycle of four year olds, with eight without faults on eight course. Mozart des Hayettes was first in the  European Masters for four year old stallions at Holy - Lô during the NASH sale, 14 October 2000. Following a leptos infection, he was rested at five years. He will resume competition in 2002, in the Belgian and French Classic Cycles. Mozart des Hayettes is the third product of Cal Bonny and Haras de Hayettes. His sire, Papillion Rouge was champion France, victor of Game Méditérranéens and best young sire at Fontainebleau in 1997, 1998 and 1999. The first foal of Calbonny, First de Hayettes by Concord participated in the Belgian Classic Cycle for four, five and six year olds. He is currently ridden by  Australian Vicky Roycroft. The grandmother, Albonne Z, with Mark Leone (USA), and the great  grandmother, Bonnie Alice with Lionel Dunning (GB) as rider, have achieved many international Grand Prix. Albonne Z is the best female offspring of Alme according to her level of performances. She  has been ranked, for five years, among the 200 best horses of the world according to the WBFSH ranking.  

Papillon Rouge Jalisco B Alme
Verboise Centaure du Bois
Calbonny Nimmerdor Farn
Albonnie Z Alme
Bonnie Alice

1996 bay 15.3-3/4-hand Belgian Warmblood

Approved for: sBs

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