Limes (pronounced Lee-mes) was described by the judges at his North Rhein-Westphalian inspection as the picture of “a classic English lithograph.” His great beauty is often commented upon, as is his charismatic presence. He has also been referred to as the epitome of movement and rideability, and clearly represents the modern type. His sire, champion Holsteiner  Lancer II, sired many approved sons and premium mares. The top elite mare of the 1998 Rheinland show was a daughter of Lancer II. Limes’ dam Melissa, is a daughter of Mephistopheles, who has a breeding value of 144, is a son of Trakehner elite stallion Mackensen, stallion of the year in 1996. She was the reserve champion mare of the 1993 Rheinland elite mare show. Two half sisters of Limes were successful to “S” level dressage. Limes scored 116.68 points on his stallion performance test, where he demonstrated his superior jumping style and dual purpose talent for both dressage and the jump. He has many times won and placed in rideability, dressage and jumping competitions and qualified for the Federal Championship for stallions. He is successful to jumping class "M," and qualified for the Bundeschampionat.

Lancer II  Landgraf I Ladykiller xx
Inula Fantus
Melissa Mephistopheles  Mackensen
Lustige Lustig II
SPS Fiola-Abendregen

1997 bay 16.3-hand Rheinlander

Approved for: Oldenburg, Rheinlander, Westphalian

Stallion Performance Test 

Overall score, 116.8 / 2nd

Dressage score 

Jumping score 








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