His name already foreshadows great potential. His dam is the full sister of the Holstein foundation sire Capitol I. A far greater number of hereditary transmitters however stem from the family of bloodline 173: Capitol II, Latus I and II, Cellebrio, A-Dur I and II, Rheinblick, Dream of Glory, Nintendo, Corallo, Cadillac, Levin and Celvin have their origins in this line. He absolved his stallion performance test in performance class II and already clearly placed his imprint on his first crops of foals, which are of the most modern type and have marvelous faces. The heredity becomes self-evident upon closer scrutiny of the pedigree, where, in the fourth generation, the Thoroughbred Ladykiller xx, noted for swift, stylish jumpers appears twice. The Thoroughbreds Cottage Son xx and Manometer xx are present once and the Anglo-Arabian Ramzes by Ritterspon xx is represented twice. Landcapitol was awarded the state premium on the occasion of the 1998 stallion approval and in 1999, had numerous wins up to intermediate class in show jumper tests. In the year 2000, he presented his first approved son. Then in 2001, he was placed in the first advanced class show jumping competitions and presented a much admired young stallion at the Oldenburg approval. Type, nobility, character, jumping ability and potential for movement constantly remind the onlooker of his great sire Landadel. 

Landadel Landgraf I Ladykiller xx 
Novella Farnese
U-Capitola Capitano  Corporal
Folia Maximus

1994 bay 16.3.3/4-hand Holsteiner

Approved for: Oldenburg, Rheinlander, Westphalian

Stallion Performance Test 

Overall score 

Dressage score 

Jumping score 









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