Helium Platier

Helium Platier's sire, Papillion Rouge, has  nine years experience in CSO, CSI  and CSIO. He is considered as one of the best winning sires on the jumping circuit. Among his offspring are Amazon de Moens and Abeil Platière, the stallions Bleu de River, Emir Platière, Eclair du Bois, Eros Platière, Dino du Dampièrre and Diamant Rouge II . His dam, Audie Platière, is a daughter of the "Chef de Race," Grand Veneur. His mares are classified at 1.200 Elite mares of France. His grand dam, M Etoile Platière, has roduced the winning mare in CSO, Belle Platière, and the stallion Souci Platière. His great grand dam Etoile has produced Octoile Platière, Toile Platière and the stallions Nidor Platière and Pirate Platière . At four years old, Helium Platier completed 13 out of 14 courses without fault. He was 18th at the Championship of Fontainebleau and classed excellent. He was third at the final classification of the Classic Cycle of four year olds. At five years old he completed 14 of 17 courses without fault, and was a finalist at Fontainebleau. At six years he completed 11 of 18 courses without fault, and was again a finalist at Fontainebleau


Papillon Rouge Jalisco B  Alme
Verboise Centaure du Bois
Audie Platiere Grand Veneur Amour d Bois
M' Etoile Nankin

1995 chestnut 17.0-3/4-hand Selle Francais

Approved for: 

Stallion Performance Test

ISO 139 -BLUP +26 (0,56)

Overall score  

Dressage score 

Jumping score 














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