Handel II

Handel II is a very imposing horse with a lot presence.  He presents himself with elegance and balance and has enormous power in his hind quarters. He is currently on the  international circuit under Michael  Whitaker. Handel II classified third in the 2001 final of the World Cup. In category A-- jumping stallions, Handel II has achieved: the Grand Prix de Willems, the Grand Prix of Towerlands, Championships of Toggi A&B, the Grand Prix of the  Anglo-European Studbook and the Championship of the "Ladies Master 1998/99." With Michael Whitaker, he has placed well in several great classic international Grand Prix, notably, third at Dorthmund, third in Berlin, third at Hannover, fourth at Olympia London and fourth at Zurich. Handel II has done equally well in several great classics including Paris, Stutgard, Geneva, Porte de Versailles and Hamburg. Handel II has been recognized for competing  without fault in the Nations Cups at  Rotterdam and Dublin. Handel's sire, Wolfgang, is a son of the legendary stallion Farn, son of  Fax. Farn’s name is renowned by the  breadth of his descendants competing at international level. Among them are Nimmerdor, Put Optie , Odin N, Shefield, Black & White Design, Opstalans Pasquines, Trust Me, Optibeurs Investment, Olympus and Talman. His grandsire, Ulf, was the first stallion to receive a 9 in training and 9 in character and appearance during his 100-day test. Le Mexico, his great grand sire, is known for his phenomenal ability over obstacles, a quality that  has been transmitted to his descendants. Handel's first crops have recently begun  to participate on the competition circuit, and are noticed for their great ability and natural talent, and are receiving much attention in European jumping circles. Get in early on a stallion who's on his way to the top.


Wolfgang Farn Fax I
Jolanda 1943 Eraostehes
Clementine Ulf Le Mexico
Porta Garant
Jolanda 1647

1989 bay 16.2-hand Dutch

Approved for: KWPN

Stallion Performance Test

Overall score 

Dressage score 

Jumping score 














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