Already a legend during his own lifetime, Grandeur won the German Jumping Derby three times between 1986 and 1992 under his permanent rider Thomas Frühmann. Grandeur is one of the most successful competition sports stallions of the world from today's perspective, with far in excess of Euro 766,938 life winnings. His successes include i.a. World Cup successes in s'Hertogenbosch, Bordeaux, Paris, Göteborg and London, Grand Prix' and Nation's Cups in London, Rome, Rotterdam, Stuttgart, Vienna, Wiesbaden, Bremen, Calgary and Aix la Chapelle and two wins in the German Grand Prix in Berlin. Four sons have thus far been approved, of whom Gandilot (dam by Pilot) advanced to become an up-and-coming young international star. The absolute breeding breakthrough for Grandeur came with his daughter Gladdys (dam by Apart), who won the gold medal at the 2001 European Championships under Ludger Beerbaum and is meanwhile almost comparable to a mare like Ratina.

Gralsritter Grande Graf
Fruchtmuse Frustra II
Elba Einblick Eindruck II
Wiltrud Winnetou

1978 bay 16.3-hand Hanoverian

Approved for: all breeds

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