Gralswaechter exhibits an athletic conformation in addition to a very definite stallion's expression. Endowed with pleasing rideability and energetic movements, he explicitly demonstrated his show jumping ability, as decreed by his pedigree, at the stallion performance test. Seemingly unlimited in jumping ability, he has an excellent manner over the jump, both in free jumping and under saddle. A son by the Stallion of the Year in 1993, Gralsritter; this stallion is a worthy representative of the famous G-Line. In addition, his dam is by another Stallion of the Year, Werther.

Gralsritter Grande Fraf
SPS Duellfest
Fruchtmuse Frustra II
Wunderbare Werther Wendekreis
Goldorfe Gotthard

1990 bay 16.2-hand Hanoverian

Approved for: Hanoverian

Stallion Performance Test 1993:  

Overall score 114.33 / 10th of 41 

Dressage score 99.38 / 18th 

Jumping score 126.30 / 6th 












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