Figaro AF Hallundbaek

Figaro AF Hallundbaek descends from the two most prominent Knabstrupper lines, Hugin and Silverking. He can be traced directly back to the founder of the Shagya Arabian breed, Shagya himself (1830). His one Appaloosa line is the very good #1 APHCC, Polka Dot Prince. Figaro is 100% pure breeding in the second generation and 75% in the third. All of the Knabstrupper stallions in his ancestry are leopards. Figaro quite likely has more actual Knabstrupper blood in him than any other Knabstrupper stallion standing today. He was the highest scoring purebred stallion at the KNN Jubilee Show, 2001, and the second-highest scoring purebred stallion the final approval competition, 2002, where judges commented that he is "an elegant and particularly important stallion for the Knabstrupper breed." Figaro is a successful combination of good temperament, versatility, endurance, elegance and dressage ability. At his first dressage competition in November, 2002 he won three out of four possible first prizes. Figaro's foals have been 90% colored foals from solid mares, with 85% leopards, and eleven of twelve offspring have been full-spotted leopards. His semen tested at 85% post thaw motility.

Rasmus AF Hallundbaek Rasmus AF Damgard Karl 
Vibeke AF Hallundbaek Sonny AF H°jmark
Flicka 1308
Flicka 1597 Dancan's Coco Dancan's Choice
Dude's Lois
Heidi Figaro
Flicka 1308

1998 black leopard 16.1-hand Knabstrupper

Approved for: KNN, IRC, RPSI

Stallion Performance Test 2002, Wilhelmsborg, Denmark

Overall score 741

Dressage score 7-7-8-7

Jumping score 8-6-7-7

Endurance 10

Willingness to work 10

Temperament 10-10

            Figaro's sire, left, and dam, right.

     Figaro foal owned by Dawn Phillips.

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