Fidelio de Ravel

Fidelio de Ravel's sire was a great international victor who entered the Haras in 1985, and has produced 325 winners in CSO. His dam has also produced Ut de Ravel, and full sister Deeborah de Ravel, and also Jazzman de Ravel and Please de Ravel.  His grand dam, has also produced Mondeline II, Poree de la Touch, international victor under Columbian colors, qualified for Olympic games of Barcelone, Medal of Gold at the Pan-American Games , Qunak de la Touch, Rouky de la Touch, the private stallion Vlaminck du Ravel and Eden du Ravel, winner in CSO. His great grand dam , Une Deux, has also produced the mare Duchess, mother of Milanaise, Finland, tenth of his generation at four years, seventh at five years and fifth at six years. His great-great grandmother, Hyacinth produced Tartigny. At four years, Fidelio de Ravel had eight without fault in the classic cycle. At five years, eleven without fault on 19 exits, finalist to the central contests of Fontainebleau 1in 998 with a double without fault, classified " xcellent" with an NEP of 16,50. At six years, eleven without fault on 20 finalists to the central contests of Fontainebleau 1999, 3Ŕme of the Regional Telephone of Holy L˘, 1st of the National Rally of 6 years of Holy L˘.


Le Tot de Semilly Grand Veneur Amour du bois
Tanagra G
Venue du Tot Juriste
Ut de ravel Joyau d'Or A Alme
Inconnue de Sire Sire
Une Deux

1993 chestnut 16.1-1/2-hand Selle Francais

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Stallion Performance Test

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