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Fabe 348


Fabe comes from a strong line of performance Friesians, specializing in strong gaits and a powerful trots. His sire Melle obtained the title of Champion Stallion in 1993.

Reserve Champion Stallion in 2000

3rd/4th Level Dressage


Lammert Stb
Pauline Ster
Woltje Ster Pref
Ygram Stb
Elske Pref
Kee Stb Ster
Ritske Pref
Seaske Ster Pref
Hilja Stb Ster
Neelsje Model

1993 Black 15.3-3/4 hand Friesian

Approved for: FSHR (Friesian Sporthorse Registry)

Fabe Fabe
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